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HKHAWS 18-19 Circular No. 19 - Match timings and electronic match cards

Dear Convenors,

The committee has noticed that unfortunately there continues to be delays at different venues already this season on Saturdays despite our recent circular emphasising the Importance of starting matches on time and finishing them so that the next game can start at its scheduled time.  


As pitches need to be watered between matches, your game should be finished 10 minutes before the next scheduled match to allow pitch watering time so that the next game will also start on time. 


As a general rule (i) 2pm games should be completed by 3:20pm, (ii) 3:30pm games should be completed by 4:50pm, (iii) 5pm games completed by 6:20pm etc.  However teams can double-check the time scheduled time of the next game on the website. 


If there is a delay in starting a match, in accordance with the competition bye-laws the match must be cut short to extent necessary (with two equal halves) to ensure the game is completed and pitch handed over so that the next game can start on time.  


The co-operation of both umpires and teams is required for us to be able to ensure the smooth running of the league and avoid late starts and consequently the likelihood of games being cut short.


We are working with the umpiring section to remind umpires of the need to arrive early, arrange for pitches to be watered and cutting game times short if necessary but assistance from teams themselves would be greatly appreciated to (a) remind groundsmen to immediately start watering pitches once the previous game is completed and (b) make the lives of umpires easier by agreeing amongst both captains to shorten the duration of a game (both the halves and the half time break) if it is apparent the game will start late.


At BS, HKFC, LF and KP teams should ask the groundsmen directly.  At HV you should call the LCSD venue number.  All numbers are available on the HKHA website but they are copied below for ease of reference:


King's Park Hockey Ground: 2780 7424

Happy Valley Recreation Ground: 2895 1523

Boundary Street Sports Centre: 2380 9751

Lok Fu Recreation Ground: 2338 0137


We will continue to monitor the delays and consider next month whether any additional action needs to be taken as described in our previous circular.


Timely Submission of Electronic Match Cards - Finally, we would like to remind all home team captains to ensure that both umpires complete the electronic match cards immediately after their game to avoid fines being levied for late submission of match cards.  The principal is the same as when paper match cards were used whereby the home team was responsible for ensuring that both umpires signed the card before leaving.  


Many thanks in advance to you all for your assistance and understanding on such matters.


Kind regards